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Trends in daily R package downloads

This post was prompted by this blog about using the cranlogs package by Gabor Csardi. But my own interest as long time package developer dates back to this post by Ben Bolker. I like to see that my packages are being used. So I thought why stop at counting downloads and plotting the past. Why not predict into the future?

NACCB 2016 talk on cumulative effects monitoring

I was invited to represent ABMI at the Multi-taxa Monitoring in North America symposium, North American Congress for Conservation Biology, Madison, Wisconsin, July 18, 2016. The symposium was organized by Michael Lucid (Idaho Department of Fish and Game). It was great to see all the good work happening in North America, and the commitment to push the agenda of multi-taxa monitoring against critics and scarce funding (of course Alberta ‘has all the oil money’).

Data set with all the conceivable errors

As I was preparing for an R intro course I came up with the idea of creating a fake data set that is stuffed full of all the conceivable errors one can imagine. Just in case my imagination falls short, I’d appreciate all the suggestions in the comments so that I can incorporate more errors.

wac2wav converter

Automated acoustic monitoring is gaining momentum worldwide. Alberta is stepping up to the game by implementing automated recording unit (ARU) based monitoring programs. An improved command line tool is here to help in the process.

Timer progress bar added to pbapply package

pbapply is a lightweight R extension package that adds progress bar to vectorized R functions (*apply). The latest addition in version 1.2-0 is the timerProgressBar function which adds a text based progress bar with timer that all started with this pull request.

mefa4 R package update

The mefa4 R package is aimed at efficient manipulation of very big data sets leveraging sparse matrices thanks to the Matrix package. The recent update (version 0.3-3) of the package includes a bugfix and few new functions to compare sets and finding dominant features in compositional data as described in the ChangeLog.


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