A highly scientific and utterly addictive bird point count simulator to test statistical assumptions and to aid survey design.

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License: GPL v2

“I’ve yet to see any problem, however complicated, which when you looked at it the right way didn’t become still more complicated.” – Poul Anderson, Call Me Joe

The goal of the package is to:

  • test statistical assumptions,
  • aid survey design,
  • and have fun while doing it!

Design objectives:

  • small (point count) scale implementation,
  • habitat is considered homogeneous except for edge effects,
  • realistic but efficient implementation of biological mechanisms and observation process,
  • defaults chosen to reflect common practice and assumptions,
  • extensible (PRs are welcome).

See the package in action in the QPAD Book.



See what is new in the NEWS file.




Feedback and contributions are welcome:

  • submit feature request or report issues here,
  • fork the project and submit pull request, see CoC.


Shiny apps

A few Shiny apps come with the package. These can be used to interactively explore the effects of different settings.

Compare distance functions:


Compare simulation settings for single landscape:


Replicating simulations

Interactive sessions can be used to explore different settings. Settings can be copied from the Shiny apps and replicated using the bsims_all function:

The object has handy methods:

The $replicate() function also runs on multiple cores: